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William Jackson Bio

Retired from Ford Motor Company
Family members:
son (zack)
daughter ( Kim)

Home town:
Beaver Dam KY
Favorite outdoor activity:
fishing and hunting

Favorite place to go:
church and out to eat on Friday night to eat

All time outdoor highlight:
elk hunting in Alaska

Best fishing memory:
anytime I get to go

Favorite fishing technique:
weightless hook with 10 1/2 ole monster worm

Favorite place to shop in October:

Favorite equipment:
KVD reel and Browning shot Gun

Favorite wild game food:
duck stew I make

Items in first aid kit used most:
gaviscon,dill pickles spears,hydrocodon

Person most responsible for you're love for the outdoors:
GOD and HIS creation

Favorite scripture:
John 14:6 JESUS said unto him I am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father but by ME

Any spiritual lessons you learned on outdoor events:
I went on an outdoor retreat with Ironman Outdoors and there I learned to forgive my step son


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