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Wesley Elliott Bio

Occupation: roofing sales rep

Family members: Brent Elliott (father) Michelle Elliott (mother) cay Elliott (sister) McKenna Elliott (sister)

Home town: Eustis Fl

Favorite outdoor activity: whitetail hunting

Favorite places to go: church, woods, and any body of water!!

All time outdoor highlight: watching my best friend harvest his first deer. Also harvesting my first deer with my father!

Best fishing memory: catching my personal best large mouth bass (10lb14oz) on top water with my best friend!!

Favorite fishing technique: flipping grass and docks

Favorite place to shop for outdoor gear: bass pro shop 

Favorite piece of equipment: first gun 30-06 and my truck

Favorite wild game: venison 

Item in first aid used the most: band aid 

Person responsible for my outdoor love: my father (Brent Elliott)

Favorite scripture:Mathew 23:12 

Spiritual lessons learned on outdoors events: the main lesson I have learned through the outdoors and people who also share a passion for the outdoors is that you can find peace with the Lord through the smallest things in life. When you get to sit in a tree stand for sunrise and watch the world work as God intended it is eye opening to me and can bring a whole new meaning to “hunting”. I have also learned from the few iron man trips I have been on that the outdoors isn’t just an escape but is also a tool we can use to bring more men into a relationship with our Lord and savior. Attending these Ironman trips have been a blessing for me and countless others, I am excited to be a part of this team!!

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