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Vince Barnhart Bio

Vince Barnhart

Occupation: Engineer Assistant II City of Celina, OH

Family: wife Keila 32 years of marriage, daughters Victoria, Valerie, son Steve and grandson Wyatt

Hometown: Van Wert, OH

Favorite outdoor activity: deer hunting & golfing

Favorite places to go: trying Mom&Pop diners, deer&turkey camps

All Time Outdoor Highlight: being drawn for Kentucky Elk Lottery hunt (cow) and harvesting one second day and my son filming it. He was only around 11 then.

Best Fishing Memory: my wife out fishing me with a stick, pop can and line! This is how she fished as a little girl growing up in Puerto Rico.

Fav Fishing Technique: jigging for walleye on Erie

Fav shop outdoor gear: whatever sale I can find on social media! Also, I use Ebay an awful lot.

Fav gear: elevated RedNeck blind; Vortex bino's; Leupold rangefinder; Winchester 350 Legend rifle; Ten Point xbow

Fav Wild game food: bacon wrapped venison; walleye or bluegill fried in Kentucky Kernel flour

First Aid kit: Ibuprofen

Person cultivated love for outdoors: hmmm... no one really. Self taught. Have made a lot of friends and have learned from though through the years.

Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6 

Spiritual lessons learned: I find many men have a lot of the same struggles and rubbing shoulders with others who are going through similar circumstances draw strength in gleaning from others. 

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