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What Others Are Saying About Ironman Outdoors

"I can live 2 months off a good compliment"......Mark Twain


Read Greg's Story...how a weekend retreat revealed that church is NOT for wimps! 


"Patrick, I owe you and all the men who were in Hemingway this weekend a deep heartfelt thanks for the best weekend that I have EVER had hunting. Everything was perfect except the wind... but that really didn't matter! It was so much deeper than just a hunting trip. Thank you and the guys from Hemingway for one of the greatest hunting trips in my life... and I never pulled the trigger. Thanks again for the venue and the tools to help me rededicate my life to Christ!"  Rob Schwab - Simpsonville, SC


"To say the least, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Ironman Outdoors. It was truly amazing to see men open up their hearts and share their "normally hidden" trials and struggles as a man. Especially when they find out that their needs are commonly the same needs that many other men share. What a simple but great idea utilizing common interests of men such as hunting and fishing to expose the also common struggles and trials that we as men face. God is definitely in this ministry!"  Robbie Richey - Honea Path, SC


"What a great weekend! I could feel the Holy Spirit moving upon our group on Firday night. What a powerful experience to be among men who are pouring their hearts out to each other and to God! I wish every man I know could be a part of a weekend like this.  I really think that everyone thoroughly enjoyed last weekend. Everyone was at church Sunday morning and I felt there was a different energy in our worship service. God is using you to do a great work and I know that many men and families will be changed forever by Ironman Outdoor Ministries."  Joe Gaddy - Norwood, NC
"Patrick, Let me begin by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our retreat. It was totally not what I expected, and was definately what my heart needed. Since we have been back at home everyone wants to ask about the fishing and how many fish we caught.  And honestly, I don't want to tell them about the fish... As far as I'm concerned we could have been in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and that would have been A-okay! God is certainly going to bless you for stepping out in Faith and taking on this ministry. A seed was planted...and a new passion for ministry was ignited within myself. I now realize that I have some of the greatest tools for men's ministry in my own backyard.  This weekend shed a whole new light on what I can offer up in my ministry to men in our community or elsewhere. Thanks again for EVERYTHING and we love ya brother!  Jonathan Walter - Norwood, NC
"What a great weekend with a great bunch of guys who are on fire for Christ!!!! We all struggle to get through everyday life and it is great to hear how others rely on Christ to make every day matter and make an impact on others. This is a weekend that I will never forget."  McGee Moody, Head Swim Coach - University of South Carolina
"We recently had Patrick Tyndall speak in our church to share his vision about Ironman Outdoors for our Baptist Men's day and we got so much more than just another speaker to fill our special day.  Patrick has more than a ministry, it is a vision to follow what we are told to do, and that is let men sharpen men.  If you are looking for something that is going to spark your ability to reach Men on the fringes, and you have a demographic that is into the Outdoors, then you have found a match.  Connecting men with God is the vision, and when you consistently do something over and over because you want to do it, it becomes your passion.  I encourage you to consider this ministry, and if you are in doubtâ?¦ call Patrick Tyndall to come and share indoors what God is doing in the outdoors!"  Rev. Daniel E. Flynn - Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, Norwood, NC
"I just wanted to let you guys know that Sam McCravy and his wife joined our church yesterday morning. He and his wife also joined our Sunday School Class. His wife told me that it may have been on a hog hunt he went on but he came home a different man. Preacher Curt proclaimed from the pulpit that this was a direct result of some of our men attending an Ironman Retreat and more men in our area and church needed to step up the plate and  see for themselves what God can do."  Praise Report from Emerald Baptist Church, Greenwood, SC
"The only thing better than than the food, fellowship and fun were the testimonies that will change men for eternity"  Tom Ryan - Northeast Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC
"Of course I loved the hunting part, but I really enjoyed meeting new guys that I can call friends.  I'm not the type of guy that steps right up and starts talking, but after three days with a group of guys, you can't help but get to know them.  Anyway, my favorite part of the weekend was definately listening to PJ's testiomy.  He was so willing to tell about how the Lord has turned his life around, even though he has some real tough consequences to live with from some bad decisions.  You could tell that he really loves the Lord and he's doing all he can to make sure other men don't make the mistakes that he has made.  I really appreciated his openess and honesty and the first thing I did when I got home was to tell my wife and kids how much I love them - I don't do that enough."  Stan Kania - Columbia, SC
"Not just a hunt but an experience! I believe the Ironman Outdoors weekend will prove to be one of the most memorable times in my life.  We shared in our outdoor passion, had a lot of laughs and got to discuss things men often keep to themselves."  John Rhodes - Charlotte, NC   
"The Ironman Outdoors hog hunting weekend was great - I enjoyed every minute of it.  The hunting was great, the food was excellent, and the fellowship with the guys was especially good.  It was also a great opportunity to be able to discuss some moral issues that we as men face every day that we are not able to discuss in our every day environment.  I highly recommend it."  James Simons - Holly Hill, SC 
"This is much more than just a hunting trip!"  Brian Henard - Rogersville, TN
"It's an awesome experience and I highly recommend it to believers and non-believers alike."  Brian Tolliver - Rogersville, TN
"Ironman Outdoors filled my stomach with great food, filled my hunger for a great hunt, and filled my cup with a thirst for God."  John Reeves - Rogersville, TN
"I attended the hog hunt on Feb. 1-3, 2008 and have no way of expressing what I experienced this past weekend. This Monday morning my day started with about 30 minutes of something that hasn't happened in a long long time and that was reading the Bible.  I am not good enough with words to describe what this weekend meant to me and the change I felt in my heart. Just too many things were said and done that were pointing at me.  There is no doubt in my mind this weekend had to be a weekend for real men to serve a real God!  I was honored, to say the least...to spend this quality time with some very real men for Christ. There is no doubt they know where they are going and have a real purpose for our brief period of time on this earth."  Sam McCravy - Greenwood, SC
"The events that Ironman Outdoors offers serve to break the ice with men who are sometimes reluctant to open up and talk about spiritual things in their lives.  I think you sometimes have to earn the right to be heard by some men when you talk about Christ and our relationship to Him.  However, when a mutual interest is shared with a man such as hunting, fishing, golf, etc., and a relationship of mutual trust is developed with that man, many times the groundwork is laid for real progress in drawing men to Jesus Christ."  Mike Bearden - Pastor, First Baptist Church, Fountain Inn, SC
"The Ironman Outdoors team truly provides an "iron-sharpening" experience by putting men together with a common bond in a comfortable environment. A place where men can talk about their problems, and learn about the problem solver, Jesus Christ."  Stacy Hartsell - Men's Ministry Leader, First Baptist Church, Fountain Inn, SC
"First rate fellowship for an affordable price.  An absolute must experience for any sportsman."  Mike Chesser - Hartsville, SC
"I found out 12 hours before we left that I was going....everything happens for a reason!"  Dustin Davis - PGA Hopeful
"I have been on several of these retreats and I enjoyed the guys so much that I joined the church and love it!"  Greg Gordon - Columbia, SC
"Great trip with a great bunch of guys!!"  J.R. Henard - Rogersville, TN
"It really doesn't matter that we didn't kill the Big Buck, we all had a great time and that's what it's all about...Good Christian men having a great sportsman time."  Rodney Moss - Sumter, SC
"Great accomodations, great folks, awesome God!!"  Brent Owen - TN Vols Fanatic
"I would tell any man that it is an excellent way to "get away" and just enjoy nature and some good time sarcasm with the guys.  It is relaxing and fun, but also very informative and helps you see that you are not the only man struggling with certain issues and that even the guys that seem to have it all together, they too struggle with some of the issues as you.  But the most important rule of all, and I learned this from experience just last week, is DON'T MISS A RETREAT!!!  I missed our last small fishing expedition and the guys ended up catching a 35 lb. catfish!!!  If you have never done anything like this before, I would definitely recommend it..."  P.J. Calcutt - Columbia, SC
"The Iron man retreats are a great place not only to get to know your hunting or fishing buddy, but also a place to get to know yourself better.  It is because of these retreats that I have sensed a calling on my life that I once forgot.  These retreats show that no matter who you are or what age you are, God can use you in a mighty way."  Joe Myers - Columbia, SC
"Ironman Retreats are a wonderful resource for men to sharpen each other spiritually while involving themselves in manly, outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing retreats."  Bobby Jackson - SC Baptist Convention

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