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Keith Phillips Bio

Roofing Contractor

Family Members:
Wife: Janet Son: Joshua (Josh) Son: Jacob (Jake)

Hometown :
West Columbia SC

Fav.Outdoor activity:
Hunting and Fishing

Favorite places to go:
Broadwater Swamp-Santee. And The Smokey Mountains

All-time Outdoor highlight:
Being able to harvest a nice Buck with both of my boys in the stand with me and letting them make the call.

Best fishing Memory:
On a Deep Sea fishing trip with a group of guys from church we loaded the boat with Tuna and Wahoo when everyone else at the dock came back with 0

Favorite fishing tech. 
Top water baits!!  The explosion is pure excitement.

Favorite place to shop for outdoor Gear: 
Nichols Store in Rock Hill SC

Favorite Equipment :
Browning Guns, Triton Boats, Shimano reels,Berkley rods and Bad Boy Buggies, Mossy Oak Camo.

Favorite Wild Game food:
Janet's cubed deer steak and Gravy

Item in first aid kit used the most:

Person most responsible for cultivating my love for the outdoors:
My Dad. AKA: "Pop"

Favorite Scripture:
1 Corinthians 16:13 Watch,stand fast in the faith,be brave,be strong

Any Spiritual lessons you have learned on outdoor events:
I have come to realize that in our crazy fast pace lives that when I take time to be still either on a stand or on the water I am reminded that I serve a God who has placed order and beauty in all of his creation. And at that moment I am truly humbled.

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