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Merry iChristmas

By Patrick Tyndall
This Christmas take time to unplug the electronics and make some Christmas memories with your family!

Undoubtedly, your Christmas shopping this year includes electronics.  Whether it be cell phones, DS games, or Ipads, it seems that most people are consumed with "all things digital" this Christmas.  However, as the spiritual leader of your home, you may need to take a digital break and spend some quality time with your wife and children that does not involve electronic gadgets!

Think about it, the kids are out of school and most of the parents are home from work.  Christmas is actually one of the few times each year when our families are spending real time with each other.  Instead of checking email, chatting on Facebook, or shopping the online deals in the Cabela's Bargain Cave, as men let's take some initiative and do something meaningful with our children this Christmas season.  Ask yourself this question, in 20 years what will my children remember more about Christmas 2011:  the ipad that is now broken and outdated or the memory of a Christmas tradition like passing out biscuits to homeless people on Christmas Eve morning?  Great families don't happen by accident.  It is the leadership of the Father that will shape your Christmas traditions and your children's memories.

When I was growing up, kids wanted a TV in their own room.  Now days, kids want wireless internet in their rooms.  As the leader in your home, how are you going to instill positive Christian principles into their lives if everyone simply retreats to their room to play with their gadgets after dinner? 

Please don't misunderstand, technology is a wonderful thing and is a big part of the ministry of Ironman Outdoors (see our 38,000 Facebook fans).   However, technology is not going to teach my children the fact that the Savior of the World was born on Christmas morning.  Is their fondest Christmas memory of Dad going to be him sitting in front of the computer or playing with his new app, or is it going to be some funny game or tradition that Dad always did with the kids at Christmas.  Men, it may be time to put the cell phone down and lead our families this Christmas! 

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