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The Plan Comes Together

By Patrick Tyndall
A perfect bow hunt ends with a nice buck and a great memory made with my son!
Sometimes the plan actually works.this past Saturday evening my son Alex and I were sitting in a tree in one of our favorite hunting spots, St. Matthews, SC.  Imagine walking thru the woods and seeing this up in a tree:  2 treestands hanging at 20 feet, 2 people-shaped objects in mismatched camo, bow, quiver, backpack, HD video camera mounted on a tree arm, orange Gatorade, granola bars, and a fidgety 7-year old. 

Just before dark we saw this buck about 200 yards away coming at us thru a cutover.  That's when I gave Alex a VERY stearn whisper not to move, blink, breath hard, scratch his nose, or sniffle..in hopes that we would not spook this deer.  Sure enough, just as we hoped the buck came right out of the spot we thought he would appear.  He took a few steps out in the open and then looked right at us with a confused look on his face.  I guess he was thinking..I don't remember Sanford and Son and their assorted yard sale items hanging up in that tree!  But apparently he didn't worry because he took about 5 more steps and I was able to pull my bow back and get ready for the 23 yard shot.  Just then I hear Alex break the rules and whisper "kill him Daddy!"  The arrow hit its mark and the buck appeared to have been hit good. 

Ironman pro-staffer Chuck Williams and his son Blaine were hunting in another stand on the other side of the property.  With a quick text message, spirits were high as we all began looking for this deer.  With about 11 flashlights, the 4 of us started tracking the blood trail.  When police search for escaped prisoners there's less chaos in the woods.  Chuck and I were looking off in the distance when Alex and Blaine (the young bloodhounds) picked up another spot of blood that led to even bigger spots of blood.  Relief came when I shined my light out and saw the white belly laying on the ground just 40 yards from where the arrow first hit him.  He was a mature buck weighing 150lbs with a heavy 7point rack.   

More important than antlers is this unique memory that Alex and I will always share together.  As I look back on my own life....it seems as if the whole childhood hinges on a several key memories with Dad (and the rest of the family).  Even if the plan doesn't always come together, make some memories this week with your kids!      

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