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Gearbag/ Resources

Every leader is responsible for his own leadership development.  You can't lead others further than you have been yourself.  Leaders are readers...it's just what they do!  Here's some books and articles that we think will help you become a better leader!

Want to know what an Ironman Retreat is like? Can you handle the truth?
There's power in our stories. We inspire other people and our children with the stories we tell. Your life is a story, but the ending has not been written yet? Is your life a story that you would be proud of?
Here's an example from Major League Baseball of iron sharpening iron.
The problems in our society can mostly be tracked to the lack of leadership and servanthood on the part of men. Too busy with our own pursuits to be the Husband and Father God has called us to be...we have become as Pink Floyd said "Comfortably Numb."
Is your schedule flexible enough so that you can be used for God's purposes?
The stakes are high for God's man...just like our military, we need to have a detailed plan of attack to defeat the enemy.
GPS technology has changed the world! A Tom Tom can tell you where you are at and where you are headed. Just like GPS, the pathway of sin is always predictable.
Find out how to make Men's Ministry work in your church!
BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!
This book has nothing to do with 9th grade Algebra tests!

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