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Gearbag/ Resources

Every leader is responsible for his own leadership development.  You can't lead others further than you have been yourself.  Leaders are readers...it's just what they do!  Here's some books and articles that we think will help you become a better leader!

Some groups have "it" and they know it. Other groups are missing "it" and they know it. What is this invisible ingredient that makes some groups and ministries more successful than others?
Q and A archery tips and techniques with Tom Ryan.
It doesn't matter whether you make $12 an hour or if you are the Governor, another man in your life needs to see you without your camo on. Isolation is the opposite of accountability.
I think most outdoorsmen will admit that there's something healthy about being able to spend the day preparing food plots, cutting shooting lanes, or clearing a path to your favorite duck blind.
As Christians when our faith grows...so does our image of God. We've seen God do some BIG things with Ironman Outdoors. Big Faith, Big God...little faith, little God.
If you don't maintain your boat...come spring there will be problems. Maintain your heart and mind with God to prevent sin problems!
The Death Star had an impressive Force Field. That pales in comparison to the force field most men have around their hearts. Here's what Team Ironman has learned about penetrating the force field of a man's heart.
Duck hunters in particular are masters of camoflauge. Don't forget, Satan is also a master of deception.
Before any outdoor adventure, all of us have prepared our gear and make sure we have just what we need. Have you prepared spiritually?
Learn how men like Martin Luther and William Tyndale helped rediscover the notion of "justification by faith alone."

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