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Gearbag/ Resources

Every leader is responsible for his own leadership development.  You can't lead others further than you have been yourself.  Leaders are readers...it's just what they do!  Here's some books and articles that we think will help you become a better leader!

Ironman Pro Staffer Steven Yantek speaks of how pornography damages a man's soul and chips away at his genuine manhood.
Plant Heirloom Seeds of Faith in your Family and see what God does!
When nothing else works, sometimes you have to make the key to unlock men's hearts!
We are giving away the farm! Team Ironman pro staffers have put their heads together and come up with 10 "must do" items to have an effective Men's Retreat!
This Christmas take time to unplug the electronics and make some Christmas memories with your family!
Should I as a Christian man hunt or fish on Sundays? What does the Bible really say about this issue?
Sometimes as men we completely lose our focus and our world can be turned upside down! Ironman Pro Staffer Joel Stover shares a very personal story about his journey of 40 days to get back in step with God!
How would Old Testament Hero Joshua lead his family if he lived today?
A perfect bow hunt ends with a nice buck and a great memory made with my son!
Turkey hunting can be an exercise in perserverance....of course life can be that way too!

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